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Booking Optimisations - 2012

Examples of optimised and intuitive eCommerce booking screens for eTourism sites.

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Skills / Tags / Role: Commercial strategy, design, ux, build

My Role: Project management, implementation

Project Description:

Optimised and usability tested over a number of years on a wide range of eTourism destination sites. Presenting users with an intuitive and intelligent booking interface.

The perfected system is now operating on over 40 destination web sites, including some of the highest performing in the country such as, and Some of these sites take in excess of 500 online bookings per month, generating £7.5K of commission to the DMO. In some cases, the percentage of online bookings has reached almost 80% of total bookings for the DMO and research has shown that these bookings are often of a higher value and build capacity in the mid-week periods.

Oct 12: Site overhaul to improve user experience and increase site revenue. Resulting in an immediate uplift of year-on-year unique visitors of 26% (Oct 11 86174 - Oct 12 116381).

Project managed a site experience overhaul. Achieving a 114% increase in site bookings for same period in previous year. July 2011 unique visitors up 43% on July 2010 and booking value up 85% on previous year.

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