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Visit Liverpool - 2012

Redesign and implementation of a new commercially focused vision for

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Skills / Tags / Role: Project manager, commercial strategy, design, ux, build

My Role: Project management, design, build and implementation of commerical strategy

Project Description:

Following a usability review, the asked involved the redesign key areas of the site to boost commercial income and improve the promotion of Liverpool's unique visitor offer and diverse event programme.

The new site fully utilises DMS data and the eCMS through the use of highlighted products and featured pages. Giving the client the opportunity to generate revenue by selling placements within the highlights product areas.

The new home page sets out to convey a sense of place and be instantly recognisable as Liverpool, with a clear leisure focus appealing to the destination's target audience. Both the home page and landing pages have been redesigned to provide visitors with a more intuitive journey, requiring fewer clicks to access key information.

Each of VisitLiverpool's commercial target markets has been addressed by the new enhancements. For visitors, more prominent calls to action for accommodation booking and ticket sales, combined with cross-selling for the areas well known events and festivals have been incorporated. For tourist board members and related businesses, banner advertising is built into the new page layouts to generate revenue.

Improved social media integration in the form of more obvious feeds, links and enewsletter signup, has been delivered to increase opt-in contacts for the organisation's eCRM activity.

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